Ford Thunderbird Accessories

Welcome to the place where Ford Thunderbirds get customized without heading into the body shop. Trick out your T-bird with ground effects or an interior carbon-fiber trim package. This is the place where T-birds go from stock to custom! Our Thunderbird body kits are easy to install and in some cases, we will even paint the parts to match your Ford T-bird before we send it out to you. Imagine transforming your Thunderbird in your own garage without cutting or needing custom body work! It’s all possible with our aftermarket parts and accessories for 2002, 2005 and 2006 Ford Thunderbirds.

Custom Ford Thunderbird Parts

Find the Ford Thunderbird part that will get you noticed when you’re driving. Heads will turn and tongues will wag, “Is that a Ford Thunderbird?” That’s because you found a unique custom Thunderbird part from Powersport California Custom for your car. We offer plenty of Thunderbird parts to choose from so you can create a custom show car…without expensive bodywork! Consider it a whole new level of instant gratification. You’ll have the most original Tbird around!

Will your parts fit a 2005 Ford Thunderbird? Yes! We get asked about this all the time. Our custom parts fit 2005 Ford Thunderbirds as well as the 2006 and 2002 models. You’ll be taking your Ford T-bird to car shows after you get a hold of one of our Thunderbird body kits. We’ve got 2002 Thunderbird aftermarket parts and accessories. Check out T-bird fender skirts, new front fascia, roadster-style tonneau covers, sport hood scoops and more. We also carry billet-style aluminum grills.

Thunderbird Accessories Now that you’ve spoiled your car, how about dressing up the driver? We’ve got T-bird jackets so you can look like a true enthusiast as you drive around with the top down. Also choose from our selection of 50th anniversary two-tone watches, key chains, and desk clocks.


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